Why Older Women Are The New Black

Older women have a lot more to offer than your regular twenty-something gals out on the town. If you were to sit a guy down and ask them which one they would prefer – the ditzy blonde with the cracking chest and the pretty eyes, or the older, more mature woman that definitely knows how to perform oral sex the right way… I bet you any money the majority of the guys polled will say the older woman. It’s a fantasy for most guys for a start, isn’t it?

Older women have a special something about them and although it might not be visible straight away, it soon comes out. You could be patiently waiting in the supermarket queue when a pretty fit brunette bumps into you from behind with her basket. She’s got a bottle of wine and a frozen pizza. She’s not got a wedding ring on. She’s got barely any makeup on and her hair is pulled back. You think she might be on the way home from work or even the gym. You don’t care. All you can think about is taking her home, ripping her coat off and pounding into her from behind.

It’s just hot, isn’t it? Like screwing your best mate’s mum from school who everyone thought was super hot. It’s one of those things that you always wanted to do but never thought you’d get the chance. Well, it turns out, maybe you do have a chance.

With divorce becoming an all too familiar scene in many families these days, older women are finding themselves single and on the market. They have something special to offer over the younger girls however; as well as being better in bed and a main part in every young guy’s sexual fantasies, they don’t want a ring on their finger or a baby in a cot. They’ve probably had all that. Kids, marriage, grandkids, etc. That’s probably already ticked off her list. You don’t need to worry about any of that with the older women. Well, most of them anyway.

She’s fun. She earns her own money and doesn’t need a man to take care of her. She can change the fuse in a plug, and she can gas up her own car. That’s part of the appeal isn’t it? She’s a strong woman and generally, that means a strong woman in bed too. What young guy doesn’t want to be dominated by an older, hotter, fitter woman?

Plentiful advantages makes dating an older woman the next and best ‘craze’ in the dating world. You get to keep your own space and money. You don’t need to check in every five minutes. There’s no pressure to move in, get engaged, get married, and have kids. You’ll have sex that blows your mind. You’ll learn how to pleasure a woman in bed. You don’t have anyone to answer to. You get to keep it a secret which, in turn, makes everything super sexy.

That’s why older womb are the new black!

June 30, 2014

Why Dating Older Women Will Make You Question Everything

You meet a hot older woman in the gym. You flirt a little over the water cooler. You head off to your respective changing rooms, shower and get dressed. When you walk out of the changing rooms, the receptionist calls you over and hands you a business card. The older woman has given you her number.

What does this mean? What do you do? How soon should you call her? Is a text OK? Did she like you too?

She’s given you her number which means she’s given you the go ahead. Just because she’s older than you are doesn’t mean that she won’t pull the same tricks that the younger girls do. The older girls just do it better and have more practice at it.

Sexy womanProviding you don’t reply straightaway, there is nothing wrong with calling her and thanking her for the number. Always call the first time. She might not appreciate a text. A call is better – more old-fashioned and respectful. She might be a dirtbag between the sheets but you don’t know this yet and for right now, she’s going to at least pretend to be a lady.

You talk for a few days and you decide to meet for a lunchtime coffee….

This is where things start to change. You’ve already deciphered the number-giving situation, but the whole first date thing has the power to completely put anyone off their stride. You’ll start to question everything you do as a partner and a lover.

You offered to pay but she took her purse out of her bag, put her credit card down, and picked up the cheque anyway. That’s not something that most 20-something girls would have done. Not a chance in hell.

When you ask her if she wants to meet up the following night, she doesn’t jump at the chance to spend another night with you. She is cool and laid back. She’ll let you know. You’ll wonder what you did wrong. You’ll wonder if she’ll let you know. Is this her way of telling you that she’s not interested?

She’ll call you up and ask you what you’re doing. Do you fancy a drink? You meet in a nearby bar and have a bottle of wine. She looks at you directly and asks you right out – “Do you want to go back to yours? Or mine?”

What? Why is she being this forward? This is not how normal women react to you. In fact, 20-something guys have to beg 20-something girls into bed.

The older women out there aren’t the same as the younger ones. They’ve learned a lot of life experiences and they’ve learned a lot more than you about their bodies and the way that the body reacts to certain touches, caresses, kisses…

You will question the way that you would normally date but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact you can learn a lot from her if you give yourself the chance. If you can learn to adapt to her, there is the chance that you will have a very fulfilling and satisfying relationship with this older woman that managed to catch your eye in the gym. And you’ll have some pretty great sex in those changing rooms too! ;)

June 30, 2014

Where Cougar Dating Is Headed In The Next Five Years

Do you know the top five reasons why younger guys like older women? Do you want to know the top five reasons why younger guys like older women?

1. They are more sexually experienced.

This was one of the highest rated answer with as many as ninety percent of all younger guys picking it as their best feature of the relationship.

It’s true too. An older woman is going to have more experience in a lot of things – life, money, family, career, etc. This means they are also going to have more experience in the bedroom. More experience generally means one great positive for you – much better sex.

2. They can pay for the dates.

It’s fickle but it’s true – a lot of the younger guys actually quite like being taken care of by their older, cougar girlfriends, and at the same time, a lot of these older women actually find a purpose in taking care of their younger guys. Sadly, this is often misconstrued as money-grabbing, even though it might be a mutually beneficial arrangement. You just need to find your own way with this one – it’s not to everybody’s taste but if it’s too both of yours, who really cares?

3. Cougar dating is less drama-filled.

A thirty-something woman isn’t going to give two craps what you got up to last Friday night when you were hammered with your footie mates, hitting on girls and failing miserably throughout the night. She’s got her own life to lead and her own things to do. You’ll need to co-exist in each other’s life, not be the be-all and end-all of it.

Cougars aren’t as bitchy as younger girls, although they might appear so from time to time. They don’t care what the younger girls are wearing or how short their skirts are because they have already been through that phase before, and they know these girls will probably grow out of it at some point too. They don’t need to be jealous, bitter or twisted simply because they are old enough to know better.

4. Older women know exactly what they want.

Just under forty percent of men chose this to be their highest rates reason for loving a bit of the older woman. This is true for most cases too – these are women that know what they want and at this point in their life, know exactly how to get it too. You may as well just give into this women – you’re going to in the long run anyway. You might as well do yourself a favour.

5. Some guys just dont like younger girls.

In fact, this was the answer for ten percent of the men studied. Some guys just prefer the look, nature and temperament of an older woman. In much the same way as you might prefer a blonde, these women just prefer a younger guy. And the younger guy prefers the older woman. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Bearing these five facts in mind, it gives you some idea of how popular cougar dating is becoming. With more and more websites popping up dedicated to helping older, fitter, mature women and cougars find their perfect younger guy… At least for this month anyway! ;)

People are doing it more often. It’s now in movies, in the Hollywood social circle, and even in the streets around us. It would seem as if this biological match-up is slotting right into place in society.

It does make perfect sense after all!

June 30, 2014

How Shagging A Cougar Will Make You A Better Lover

Let’s be honest, as good as we think we are in bed, getting a little helping hand from time to time isn’t a bad thing. If the girls your own age were to tell you that you were doing something wrong, you’d probably brush them off, think of them as weird, and move onto the next girl. When you shag a cougar and tells you you’re doing something wrong, brushing it off is only going to result in you not getting a callback. And that’s bad news.

Think of the years of wisdom between the sheets this gorgeous cougar has racked up. Think of the positions she has tried, and the tricks she has learned to do with her tongue… Imagine the naughty thoughts she has going on through her head. Think of the amazing sex that you could be having. That’s the thing about screwing cougars – it is always a learning experience.

She’s going to teach you about the female body more than any other woman probably could. She knows where she likes to be touched because she’s spent the last twenty or so years perfecting the art of it. She knows how much pressure she likes, and what part of it to touch. She knows which angle to position your fingers to reach that elusive g-spot. She knows all of that… and she could be teaching you. Imagine the next girl your own age that you date and sleep with. Imagine if you were THAT good in bed with them that it would appear you could read their minds… That’s what the cougar is going to do for you – she is going to give you an insight into what women really want between the sheets.

Of course, she’ll make you a better lover but she’ll rock your socks off at the same time. She might ride you so hard that you can’t control yourself. Prematurely blowing your load is something she won’t mind once or twice, but if you keep doing it, she’s going to be looking for someone that can actually take the pace. Do yourself a favour – empty the barrels before you head out on a date with her. See – you’re learning how to be a better lover already! ;)

You’ll learn new positions that you love and hate. You’ll learn how to use props such as toys and kitchen instruments. You’ll find out how good it feels to have an ice cube lightly dragged over your nipples, or how a cold metal spatula feels on burning hot flesh. She’ll open a whole new world of doors for you if you’re open-minded enough to just go with it.

Shagging a cougar isn’t just about getting your leg over. It will never just be about that. It’s about a journey – a journey with a woman that is going to show you more fun than you could ever imagine. And at the same time, you’ll have plenty to offer the next lucky girl that comes along. When you think about it, everyone is a winner.

June 30, 2014

How Dating A Cougar Can Keep You Out Of Trouble

There are plenty of reasons why you should be dating an older woman – the elusive cougar that everyone seems to be talking about. Although there is a good chance that these women could be ‘broken’ women (as the media sometimes portrays them) with nasty breakups and loud divorces behind them, most of these cougar women have their s*** together. They know what they’re doing. They know what’s going on.

In fact, that’s why the cougar will help keep you out of trouble. It’s just one of the reasons that you should date a cougar at some point in your life.

The cougar can be good for you if you give her a chance. There’s a good chance that she’s got her own money so your dating time won’t be as taxing on your bank balance as it does the student girls your own age that expect you to pay for everything and then some. The cougar will pay her own way.

cougar datingOf course, on top of this, if she has advanced in her career, technically (and eventually) you could gain access to her network. She’s a smart cookie and she’ll be able to help you (and will probably want to) if you just give her the chance. Now, don’t get us wrong, there are some women that absolutely hate this perception of the cougar dating scenario, but some women genuinely love nurturing their younger dates, and helping them to grow. If they want to give it, don’t dismiss it straight away.

Of course, there is one added bonus to the cougar woman, especially the older ones… Most of them will probably already have kids so won’t want anymore, and some of the older ladies can’t even have kids so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Think about it – a 40-something woman isn’t going to ‘accidentally’ get pregnant just to keep you, is she? This is very much behaviour shown by the younger, jealous and bitter girls. This is just not behaviour that you can expect from an older, more mature woman.

Of course, as well as not accidentally starting a family you didn’t want yet, you don’t need to deal with the needy side of a 20-something girl. This means that you’ll be less likely to stray as you won’t feel ‘forced’ into it, as such. Logically, when a girl batters you for days on end about your apparent infidelities, there’s going to be a point where you just think “Screw it! I’m in trouble for it anyway, I might as well just do it…” When you don’t have that nagging, whiny b**ch on the phone, you’re not going to feel stressed, and you’re actually going to enjoy your dating life too.

The cougar can be a great teacher to you but you must learn to not take her for granted. Don’t take advantage of anything she has to offer, but take the opportunity to learn if she presents it to you. Have fun in this relationship land you’ll learn a lot along the way!

June 30, 2014

How Cougar Dating Is Bringing Sexy Back

In a world where the wants and needs of women are STILL often overlooked, the whole world of cougar dating has opened a brand new world of new and crazy opportunities. No longer do these slightly older, mature women need to go horny, dissatisfied, and unhappy with their sex lives. With more ‘girl power’, these older women are rocking the boat – taking their relationships to new highs. It’s the word of cougar dating and it’s bringing sexy back!

Women are done with the days when they were stuck with their 40- or 50-something husband, having boring, dull and sizzle-less sex. They are done with the days that their sex drives weren’t taken into account. If you think guys think about sex a lot, you should see a woman in her prime! Women are done with having the short straw – they want to have their cake and eat it… Just like the guys have been doing for years.

Cougar dating is giving older women and younger men the chance to have mind-blowing, explosive sex; the sex they have always dreamed of. They want to have that passion where you can’t wait to take each other’s clothes off. They want to rip those shirt buttons right off. They want to ripe those black lacy pants off with their teeth. That’s what sex is meant to be like – hot, sweaty, spur of the moment stuff. Not just on Sunday night’s in the missionary position with the lights off. Who wants sex like that anyway?

This is the thing that people don’t realise – most women reach their prime much later on in life than the guys do. According to studies, women don’t actually reach their ‘true’ sexual peak until they reach the age of 35. There are some statistics behind that too…

For example, almost fifty percent of 30-40 year old women had openly admitted to reading the book Fifty Shades of Grey and using the ideas they read in it to add a bit of sparkle to their sex life. In short, they are dragging out the riding crops and getting whipped to orgasm… Well, perhaps not all of them but we bet some of them have! ;)

Now look at the celebrities that have openly spoken about hitting their thirties and forties, and also enjoyed Cougar-relationships with younger men. Cameron Diaz, for example, was once reported to have said that she had enjoyed some of the best sex of her life when she hit her thirties. She’s not shy about dating a younger man either. She keeps herself looking trim, like most cougars do, and they bring with them the craziest sex appeal. You won’t be able to say no. We guarantee that you won’t be able to take your hands off her.

Since sex has been made more popular with the likes of the fabulously naughty Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, sex toy sales have gone up by a pretty impressive sixty perfect. We don’t just mean anal beads and Rampant Rabbit’s either – riding crops, handcuffs, blindfolds, you name it… The studies suggest that by the time you reach your thirties, you should have explored the body enough to be able to express what you like and don’t like. That’s what is so sexy about these older Cougar women – they know what they want. They’ve had bad and mediocre sex for years. Now their hormones are driving them stir crazy and they want sweaty nights in with younger lovers.

So yeah – cougar dating IS bringing sexy back!

June 30, 2014

15 Problems With Mature Dating

As much as we’d love to say that mature ‘Cougar’ dating is easy, there are a few problems that you are likely to encounter. You should probably be aware of them before you diving headfirst into something that you have no clue about. And some of them may even surprise you.

1 – She’s gonna be tough to handle

She’s not like the girls your age that you can get away with murder with. They may cry and get upset form time to time but that’s nothing compared to the way the Cougar woman is going to make you feel when you screw up. She’ll be like an ice queen. She knows what she’s doing. And you’ll feel so small. She’s a tough cookie, this mature woman. She’s gonna be a tough nut to crack.

2 – You might fall in love with her

We can hear you laughing from there. We know how crazy it sounds. But trust on this one – you are only human and sometimes humans fall in love. She’s gonna rock your world. That’s all we’re saying.

3 – You’re gonna need to smarten up

If you think that scruffy jeans and a ripped tee is good enough for the mature woman, you’re screwed already. Most of these cougars like to keep themselves looking good. They know they won’t stand a chance with the younger guys… She needs to compete with the twenty-something’s remember? Look smart. Look sharp. Make an effort.

3 – You’ll find out you’re not as good in bed as you thought you were

The 20-something girls fake it because they don’t know what they need to be stimulated in bed yet. The more mature woman knows how she likes to be touched and will direct you as necessary to ensure the job is done. You’ll learn a lot but your ego may be a little bruised.

4 – Sometimes she’ll be patronising

Sometimes you won’t like the way she talks down to you like your mother would. She’s already been your age and done the things that you’re about to do. And she knows better. She’s right nine times out of ten but you would never want to admit that to her. You’ll hate her being patronising. It’s just an age gap thing, you know?

5 – She might have kids

This means that sometimes, your plans may be screwed. A kid might get sick or go into labour. A grandchild might need babysitting. Sometimes she’ll cancel on you. Get used to it. It wont change. You’re the thing that needs to fit in with her life, not the other way around.

6 – You won’t be able to take her out

As much as all guys say they hate taking their girlfriends to the pub, sometimes it makes a refreshing change for them to be there joining in with me and the boys and our friendly banter. You can’t do that with a mature woman because it will feel like you’re a kid again and your being babysat by your mum’s mate. Awkward.

7 – You won’t be able to introduce her to your mum

All guys want their mother’s to approve of their choice of girlfriend. It’s just a fact of life. His mother is probably not going to approve of your relationship. It will be alien to her. You are basically the same age as her. Or not far off. It will freak her out. It’s probably for the best if she doesn’t know… you know?

8 – You’ll face some embarrassment…

You’ll be in the grocery store with her, buying essentials for dinner later on and someone mistakes her for your mother. Awkward. In fact, beyond awkward. This is by far the most uncomfortable thing you’ll ever go through. People will look at you weird if you step out as a couple. Just think about that for a second.

9 – What happens if…

… in three years time you decide you want to settle down and have kids? Is this really the right woman for you? Can you see her going long term? Ask yourself these questions.

10 – What about…

… if she turns around and changes her mind about what she wants from you. Can you handle being her full-time partner? What would you say to that?

11 – Be prepared

In short, the more prepared you are for what COULD happen; the more educated you are about things that CAN and HAVE happened, the easier life will be for you. You may as well gain some smarts and learn something out of this relationship. What are the chances of it going long term anyway?

12 – She’s gonna have baggage

Sometimes she’ll need to deal with stuff that you probably won’t want to know about. In turn, you might need to deal with it too. She might be busy a lot or her sex drive might go down. If she’s older, there’s a good chance she’s going to have more baggage than you.

13 – You’re not going to have a lot in common

She doesn’t understand smart phones but you can’t use her ancient phone with buttons. You hates takeout pizza and you eat it most nights. She earns more money than you do. She lives a better life than you do. You’re probably not going to have a lot in common.

14 – People will talk

People love having something to say so you know they are going to have their say about your mature new lady. It might be worth keeping it on the down-low.

15 – She’s going to be more confident than you are

That takes a lot of getting used to for some guys so don’t be surprised if this bites you on the ass outta nowhere. It’s not pleasant.

June 30, 2014

7 Things That Wont Happen In Cougar Dating

Young men chasing older women is something that’s been around for a while, and you only need to take a quick look in the world of Hollywood to see how popular these ‘toy boys’ have become for the older, more mature femme fatale.

Of course, dating an older woman isn’t going to be the same as dating a young woman your own age, and to reinforce the point, you should check out the 7 things that won’t happen in cougar dating:

1 – You won’t be surprised by her stupidity

You know when a girl your own age says something so dumb, you can’t believe it actually just came out of her mouth. That generally won’t happen when you date a cougar, simply because they are more intelligent, have learned to think before they speak, and aren’t interested in impressing you with their ditzy ways and hair-flicking.

The older woman is a much more sensible woman. That’s not to say that she won’t like to have fun, but you’ll be pushed to find ways to ridicule her. She’s not to be taken lightly.

Sexy woman

2 – You won’t be able to ‘pull’ her easily

Cougar women are choosy women. They know that they have the pick of the ripe younger men, and are willing to exploit that fact just as much as the younger men themselves do. Screwing an older woman is a fantasy for many guys at some point in their lives, and there’s a high chance she’s going to pick someone with a bit of intelligence and the ability to have a real conversation over a guy that couldn’t take anything in life seriously if he tried, didn’t give a crap about what he looked like on their first date, and thought that a baseball game was a good choice for a romantic first encounter…

3 – She’s not going to let you ‘let go’

…And she’s not going to let herself go either. Think about the age of these cougar women – most of them have already been married once, and more than likely have kids and even grandkids of their own. There’s a good chance that she will have been through a breakup and some bad dating experiences. She knows the importance of keeping herself looking good, and she won’t stand for it if you don’t look the part too.

4 – She won’t put up with anything less than interesting

If you’re duller than a plate full of plain rice, you’re not going to stand a chance with the cougar. Her ex-husband probably bored the hell out of her and look how he ended up. She wants someone that will entertain her – with good times, lots of laughs, and good conversations. There’s no drunken shouting in each other’s ears in the back of packed nightclubs for this classier lady!

5 – She’s not going to take care of you

She might make more money than you do but that doesn’t mean you can take her for granted. She wont’ pay your rent and she’s not going to want to do your laundry for you. She probably won’t want you to move in with her (at least not right away), and you are going to need to show that you can put as much into the relationship as she can. Don’t expect her to take care of business.

6 – She’s not going to pop up in front of you

…Well, she might but she’s not going to hanker after you. If you see a hot cougar in the grocery store and she’s not wearing a wedding ring, go ask her how her day is and tell her she caught your eye. You’re not going to get anywhere by sitting and waiting so you had better pull some confidence from somewhere.

7 – She’s not going to be your mentor

If you’ve gone for that hot older blonde because she’s a teacher and you’ve always wanted to teach yourself, don’t think that her connections are going to get you what you want. She is not Samantha Jones from Sex And The City (watch it if you’re unsure) and she won’t help you fulfil your dreams. That’s not what she’s there for!

June 30, 2014

5 Myths Uncovered About Bedding A Cougar

There is a common misconception amongst young men – they often think that the older women they have always dreamed of bedding simply won’t be interested in them. What would you say if you knew the reality was something very different?

Bagging yourself a ‘toy boy’ is now one of the things first on the to-do list for many older women or Cougars as they are now more commonly known. This is even more boosted by the fact that many famous celebrity couples are successfully maintaining a cougar-younger man relationship, and have proved it to work in their favour in more ways than one…

It’s time to bust the myths surrounding bedding a cougar. Are you ready to learn more?

1 – Older women are desperate for a confidence-boost.

Are you kidding me? Older women don’t need a confidence boost, especially when it comes to getting them in-between the sheets. Most of these lovely ladies have been around the block a few times, and will have picked up more than their fair share of sneaky tricks designed to both amaze and wow you in the bedroom. She’s going to know ways to get you off that you don’t even realise have been invented yet.

2 – Her maturity will make her boring.

Cougars are anything BUT boring when you get to know them. There are the bores out there, of course; this could be said for any dating scene. Her maturity is one thing that will work in her favour. She’ll know the oldest tricks in the book – how to have fun and get away with it! ;)

Her maturity will have more benefits than negatives. She won;t be inclined to have a hissy fit when you want to go out with the boys on a Friday night rather than spending it with her. She won’t want to cling onto your every move like the younger girls can. Boring, no. Exciting, yes!

3 – She just wants you for your body.

If you think that you can be as thick as two short planks as long as you look the part, you’re very much mistaken. She’s not going to care for your unintelligence in bed, post-coital cigarette or drink in hand. She wants the conversation and the spark. You could have the hottest body in the world but if you can’t entertain her with your witty banter and charm, you’re probably not going to get a look in.

4 – You can tame her.

Again, are you kidding?! There’s nothing tameable about this chick. Her ex-husband tried to tame her… He’s no longer around. Doesn’t that tell you something?

This is a woman that has already done the ‘doing-as-she’s-told’ part of her life and is now looking to let her hair down a bit. She’s going to be more assertive that you’re probably used to, so that will take a bit of compromising with. If you don’t do as she says, you’re going to be in trouble!

5 – There’s no chance for a long-term relationship.

In some cases, older women (cougars) and younger men (toy boys) have lasting and fulfilling relationships that DO lead to marriage, babies and a happy ever after. In the relationship and dating world, anything could happen and you could meet ‘The One’. However, she’s probably already done the happy ever after… She might not be looking for it again.

June 30, 2014

3 Movies With Unbelievable Scenes About Cougar Relationships

Movies sculpt the way we think about sex, right? We watch movies like Nine and a Half weeks and all women want a guy that’s a little bit nuts and a little bit kinky. That was back in the 80’s. Then you had films like Risky Business… We all went a bit nuts for Tom Cruise in that movie, right ladies?

The 90’s brought with it films like American Pie. The classic cougar relationship – high school graduate with one of his arch enemies’ mother. That’s a classic, right?

It would seem that there are too many films to mention when it comes to sculpting the way we think about sex and to be more specific, the way that we think about cougar dating relationships – the older woman with the younger guy.

In films such as American Pie, it was all seen as a bit cheesy, wasn’t it? Not all cougars are quite like Stifler’s Mom in the movie. Think about the Susan Sarandon film – White Palace. The 40-something waitress with the 27 year old widower that’s a bit middle class… Not quite as cheesy but still pretty cliche when it comes to the older woman – younger guy dating situation.

The three movies with the craziest, most unbelievable scenes about cougar relationships blow these ones out of the water however… Are you ready?

Sunset Boulevard

OK, so it’s an old one but it’s a good one. If you’ve never seen it, you should give it a watch. It’s too fabulous for words – Gloria Swanson plays a vain and delusional older woman called Norma Desmond, and she was dating a much younger guy. Not so much in the way of sex and naughtiness in the movie of course, it’s a pretty old film, but it’s good nevertheless.

The Graduate

This is naughty and to make things ever better, there are stage shows too! Anne Bancroft, played Mrs. Robinson, the seductress that managed to win over the affections of Dustin Hoffman who played Benjamin. This was one of the first films to really throw that whole cougar dating idea out there. There had been some before and some after, but this one really pushed the boat out, and tested a few limits. You could almost thank this movie for making cougar dating the way it is today.

Sex And The City

To be honest, this is possibly the best way to show cougar dating relationships in the worst possible way. But you do see the good bits of it all as well – the good kisses that an older woman can expect to receive from a younger guy. The partying until all hours in the morning and pretending how much of an adult you are meant to be. The drawing of phone numbers on each other’s arms and the butterflies in the stomach when he is about to enter her for the first time. The good thing about Sex And The City is that is shows the rawness of the cougar dating world, and it shows just how like ‘regular’ dating cougar dating really is.

There are some pretty fine examples of movies with unbelievable cougar relationship scenes. How many of them have you seen? Maybe it’s time to check out the latest movie rentals?


Some are naughty, some are fabulous, and some of them are just plain odd. The movie world hasn’t exactly portrayed the life of a cougar dater very well, but these films are good nevertheless, and all teach you something positive about the world of older woman and younger man relationships. The movies with the best and most unbelievable scenes about cougar relationships!

June 30, 2014