15 Problems With Mature Dating

As much as we’d love to say that mature ‘Cougar’ dating is easy, there are a few problems that you are likely to encounter. You should probably be aware of them before you diving headfirst into something that you have no clue about. And some of them may even surprise you.

1 – She’s gonna be tough to handle

She’s not like the girls your age that you can get away with murder with. They may cry and get upset form time to time but that’s nothing compared to the way the Cougar woman is going to make you feel when you screw up. She’ll be like an ice queen. She knows what she’s doing. And you’ll feel so small. She’s a tough cookie, this mature woman. She’s gonna be a tough nut to crack.

2 – You might fall in love with her

We can hear you laughing from there. We know how crazy it sounds. But trust on this one – you are only human and sometimes humans fall in love. She’s gonna rock your world. That’s all we’re saying.

3 – You’re gonna need to smarten up

If you think that scruffy jeans and a ripped tee is good enough for the mature woman, you’re screwed already. Most of these cougars like to keep themselves looking good. They know they won’t stand a chance with the younger guys… She needs to compete with the twenty-something’s remember? Look smart. Look sharp. Make an effort.

3 – You’ll find out you’re not as good in bed as you thought you were

The 20-something girls fake it because they don’t know what they need to be stimulated in bed yet. The more mature woman knows how she likes to be touched and will direct you as necessary to ensure the job is done. You’ll learn a lot but your ego may be a little bruised.

4 – Sometimes she’ll be patronising

Sometimes you won’t like the way she talks down to you like your mother would. She’s already been your age and done the things that you’re about to do. And she knows better. She’s right nine times out of ten but you would never want to admit that to her. You’ll hate her being patronising. It’s just an age gap thing, you know?

5 – She might have kids

This means that sometimes, your plans may be screwed. A kid might get sick or go into labour. A grandchild might need babysitting. Sometimes she’ll cancel on you. Get used to it. It wont change. You’re the thing that needs to fit in with her life, not the other way around.

6 – You won’t be able to take her out

As much as all guys say they hate taking their girlfriends to the pub, sometimes it makes a refreshing change for them to be there joining in with me and the boys and our friendly banter. You can’t do that with a mature woman because it will feel like you’re a kid again and your being babysat by your mum’s mate. Awkward.

7 – You won’t be able to introduce her to your mum

All guys want their mother’s to approve of their choice of girlfriend. It’s just a fact of life. His mother is probably not going to approve of your relationship. It will be alien to her. You are basically the same age as her. Or not far off. It will freak her out. It’s probably for the best if she doesn’t know… you know?

8 – You’ll face some embarrassment…

You’ll be in the grocery store with her, buying essentials for dinner later on and someone mistakes her for your mother. Awkward. In fact, beyond awkward. This is by far the most uncomfortable thing you’ll ever go through. People will look at you weird if you step out as a couple. Just think about that for a second.

9 – What happens if…

… in three years time you decide you want to settle down and have kids? Is this really the right woman for you? Can you see her going long term? Ask yourself these questions.

10 – What about…

… if she turns around and changes her mind about what she wants from you. Can you handle being her full-time partner? What would you say to that?

11 – Be prepared

In short, the more prepared you are for what COULD happen; the more educated you are about things that CAN and HAVE happened, the easier life will be for you. You may as well gain some smarts and learn something out of this relationship. What are the chances of it going long term anyway?

12 – She’s gonna have baggage

Sometimes she’ll need to deal with stuff that you probably won’t want to know about. In turn, you might need to deal with it too. She might be busy a lot or her sex drive might go down. If she’s older, there’s a good chance she’s going to have more baggage than you.

13 – You’re not going to have a lot in common

She doesn’t understand smart phones but you can’t use her ancient phone with buttons. You hates takeout pizza and you eat it most nights. She earns more money than you do. She lives a better life than you do. You’re probably not going to have a lot in common.

14 – People will talk

People love having something to say so you know they are going to have their say about your mature new lady. It might be worth keeping it on the down-low.

15 – She’s going to be more confident than you are

That takes a lot of getting used to for some guys so don’t be surprised if this bites you on the ass outta nowhere. It’s not pleasant.

June 30, 2014