How Dating A Cougar Can Keep You Out Of Trouble

There are plenty of reasons why you should be dating an older woman – the elusive cougar that everyone seems to be talking about. Although there is a good chance that these women could be ‘broken’ women (as the media sometimes portrays them) with nasty breakups and loud divorces behind them, most of these cougar women have their s*** together. They know what they’re doing. They know what’s going on.

In fact, that’s why the cougar will help keep you out of trouble. It’s just one of the reasons that you should date a cougar at some point in your life.

The cougar can be good for you if you give her a chance. There’s a good chance that she’s got her own money so your dating time won’t be as taxing on your bank balance as it does the student girls your own age that expect you to pay for everything and then some. The cougar will pay her own way.

cougar datingOf course, on top of this, if she has advanced in her career, technically (and eventually) you could gain access to her network. She’s a smart cookie and she’ll be able to help you (and will probably want to) if you just give her the chance. Now, don’t get us wrong, there are some women that absolutely hate this perception of the cougar dating scenario, but some women genuinely love nurturing their younger dates, and helping them to grow. If they want to give it, don’t dismiss it straight away.

Of course, there is one added bonus to the cougar woman, especially the older ones… Most of them will probably already have kids so won’t want anymore, and some of the older ladies can’t even have kids so you don’t have to worry about that either.

Think about it – a 40-something woman isn’t going to ‘accidentally’ get pregnant just to keep you, is she? This is very much behaviour shown by the younger, jealous and bitter girls. This is just not behaviour that you can expect from an older, more mature woman.

Of course, as well as not accidentally starting a family you didn’t want yet, you don’t need to deal with the needy side of a 20-something girl. This means that you’ll be less likely to stray as you won’t feel ‘forced’ into it, as such. Logically, when a girl batters you for days on end about your apparent infidelities, there’s going to be a point where you just think “Screw it! I’m in trouble for it anyway, I might as well just do it…” When you don’t have that nagging, whiny b**ch on the phone, you’re not going to feel stressed, and you’re actually going to enjoy your dating life too.

The cougar can be a great teacher to you but you must learn to not take her for granted. Don’t take advantage of anything she has to offer, but take the opportunity to learn if she presents it to you. Have fun in this relationship land you’ll learn a lot along the way!

June 30, 2014