Where Cougar Dating Is Headed In The Next Five Years

Do you know the top five reasons why younger guys like older women? Do you want to know the top five reasons why younger guys like older women?

1. They are more sexually experienced.

This was one of the highest rated answer with as many as ninety percent of all younger guys picking it as their best feature of the relationship.

It’s true too. An older woman is going to have more experience in a lot of things – life, money, family, career, etc. This means they are also going to have more experience in the bedroom. More experience generally means one great positive for you – much better sex.

2. They can pay for the dates.

It’s fickle but it’s true – a lot of the younger guys actually quite like being taken care of by their older, cougar girlfriends, and at the same time, a lot of these older women actually find a purpose in taking care of their younger guys. Sadly, this is often misconstrued as money-grabbing, even though it might be a mutually beneficial arrangement. You just need to find your own way with this one – it’s not to everybody’s taste but if it’s too both of yours, who really cares?

3. Cougar dating is less drama-filled.

A thirty-something woman isn’t going to give two craps what you got up to last Friday night when you were hammered with your footie mates, hitting on girls and failing miserably throughout the night. She’s got her own life to lead and her own things to do. You’ll need to co-exist in each other’s life, not be the be-all and end-all of it.

Cougars aren’t as bitchy as younger girls, although they might appear so from time to time. They don’t care what the younger girls are wearing or how short their skirts are because they have already been through that phase before, and they know these girls will probably grow out of it at some point too. They don’t need to be jealous, bitter or twisted simply because they are old enough to know better.

4. Older women know exactly what they want.

Just under forty percent of men chose this to be their highest rates reason for loving a bit of the older woman. This is true for most cases too – these are women that know what they want and at this point in their life, know exactly how to get it too. You may as well just give into this women – you’re going to in the long run anyway. You might as well do yourself a favour.

5. Some guys just dont like younger girls.

In fact, this was the answer for ten percent of the men studied. Some guys just prefer the look, nature and temperament of an older woman. In much the same way as you might prefer a blonde, these women just prefer a younger guy. And the younger guy prefers the older woman. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Bearing these five facts in mind, it gives you some idea of how popular cougar dating is becoming. With more and more websites popping up dedicated to helping older, fitter, mature women and cougars find their perfect younger guy… At least for this month anyway! ;)

People are doing it more often. It’s now in movies, in the Hollywood social circle, and even in the streets around us. It would seem as if this biological match-up is slotting right into place in society.

It does make perfect sense after all!

June 30, 2014