Why Dating Older Women Will Make You Question Everything

You meet a hot older woman in the gym. You flirt a little over the water cooler. You head off to your respective changing rooms, shower and get dressed. When you walk out of the changing rooms, the receptionist calls you over and hands you a business card. The older woman has given you her number.

What does this mean? What do you do? How soon should you call her? Is a text OK? Did she like you too?

She’s given you her number which means she’s given you the go ahead. Just because she’s older than you are doesn’t mean that she won’t pull the same tricks that the younger girls do. The older girls just do it better and have more practice at it.

Sexy womanProviding you don’t reply straightaway, there is nothing wrong with calling her and thanking her for the number. Always call the first time. She might not appreciate a text. A call is better – more old-fashioned and respectful. She might be a dirtbag between the sheets but you don’t know this yet and for right now, she’s going to at least pretend to be a lady.

You talk for a few days and you decide to meet for a lunchtime coffee….

This is where things start to change. You’ve already deciphered the number-giving situation, but the whole first date thing has the power to completely put anyone off their stride. You’ll start to question everything you do as a partner and a lover.

You offered to pay but she took her purse out of her bag, put her credit card down, and picked up the cheque anyway. That’s not something that most 20-something girls would have done. Not a chance in hell.

When you ask her if she wants to meet up the following night, she doesn’t jump at the chance to spend another night with you. She is cool and laid back. She’ll let you know. You’ll wonder what you did wrong. You’ll wonder if she’ll let you know. Is this her way of telling you that she’s not interested?

She’ll call you up and ask you what you’re doing. Do you fancy a drink? You meet in a nearby bar and have a bottle of wine. She looks at you directly and asks you right out – “Do you want to go back to yours? Or mine?”

What? Why is she being this forward? This is not how normal women react to you. In fact, 20-something guys have to beg 20-something girls into bed.

The older women out there aren’t the same as the younger ones. They’ve learned a lot of life experiences and they’ve learned a lot more than you about their bodies and the way that the body reacts to certain touches, caresses, kisses…

You will question the way that you would normally date but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact you can learn a lot from her if you give yourself the chance. If you can learn to adapt to her, there is the chance that you will have a very fulfilling and satisfying relationship with this older woman that managed to catch your eye in the gym. And you’ll have some pretty great sex in those changing rooms too! ;)

June 30, 2014