Why Older Women Are The New Black

Older women have a lot more to offer than your regular twenty-something gals out on the town. If you were to sit a guy down and ask them which one they would prefer – the ditzy blonde with the cracking chest and the pretty eyes, or the older, more mature woman that definitely knows how to perform oral sex the right way… I bet you any money the majority of the guys polled will say the older woman. It’s a fantasy for most guys for a start, isn’t it?

Older women have a special something about them and although it might not be visible straight away, it soon comes out. You could be patiently waiting in the supermarket queue when a pretty fit brunette bumps into you from behind with her basket. She’s got a bottle of wine and a frozen pizza. She’s not got a wedding ring on. She’s got barely any makeup on and her hair is pulled back. You think she might be on the way home from work or even the gym. You don’t care. All you can think about is taking her home, ripping her coat off and pounding into her from behind.

It’s just hot, isn’t it? Like screwing your best mate’s mum from school who everyone thought was super hot. It’s one of those things that you always wanted to do but never thought you’d get the chance. Well, it turns out, maybe you do have a chance.

With divorce becoming an all too familiar scene in many families these days, older women are finding themselves single and on the market. They have something special to offer over the younger girls however; as well as being better in bed and a main part in every young guy’s sexual fantasies, they don’t want a ring on their finger or a baby in a cot. They’ve probably had all that. Kids, marriage, grandkids, etc. That’s probably already ticked off her list. You don’t need to worry about any of that with the older women. Well, most of them anyway.

She’s fun. She earns her own money and doesn’t need a man to take care of her. She can change the fuse in a plug, and she can gas up her own car. That’s part of the appeal isn’t it? She’s a strong woman and generally, that means a strong woman in bed too. What young guy doesn’t want to be dominated by an older, hotter, fitter woman?

Plentiful advantages makes dating an older woman the next and best ‘craze’ in the dating world. You get to keep your own space and money. You don’t need to check in every five minutes. There’s no pressure to move in, get engaged, get married, and have kids. You’ll have sex that blows your mind. You’ll learn how to pleasure a woman in bed. You don’t have anyone to answer to. You get to keep it a secret which, in turn, makes everything super sexy.

That’s why older womb are the new black!

June 30, 2014