How Shagging A Cougar Will Make You A Better Lover

Let’s be honest, as good as we think we are in bed, getting a little helping hand from time to time isn’t a bad thing. If the girls your own age were to tell you that you were doing something wrong, you’d probably brush them off, think of them as weird, and move onto the next girl. When you shag a cougar and tells you you’re doing something wrong, brushing it off is only going to result in you not getting a callback. And that’s bad news.

Think of the years of wisdom between the sheets this gorgeous cougar has racked up. Think of the positions she has tried, and the tricks she has learned to do with her tongue… Imagine the naughty thoughts she has going on through her head. Think of the amazing sex that you could be having. That’s the thing about screwing cougars – it is always a learning experience.

She’s going to teach you about the female body more than any other woman probably could. She knows where she likes to be touched because she’s spent the last twenty or so years perfecting the art of it. She knows how much pressure she likes, and what part of it to touch. She knows which angle to position your fingers to reach that elusive g-spot. She knows all of that… and she could be teaching you. Imagine the next girl your own age that you date and sleep with. Imagine if you were THAT good in bed with them that it would appear you could read their minds… That’s what the cougar is going to do for you – she is going to give you an insight into what women really want between the sheets.

Of course, she’ll make you a better lover but she’ll rock your socks off at the same time. She might ride you so hard that you can’t control yourself. Prematurely blowing your load is something she won’t mind once or twice, but if you keep doing it, she’s going to be looking for someone that can actually take the pace. Do yourself a favour – empty the barrels before you head out on a date with her. See – you’re learning how to be a better lover already! ;)

You’ll learn new positions that you love and hate. You’ll learn how to use props such as toys and kitchen instruments. You’ll find out how good it feels to have an ice cube lightly dragged over your nipples, or how a cold metal spatula feels on burning hot flesh. She’ll open a whole new world of doors for you if you’re open-minded enough to just go with it.

Shagging a cougar isn’t just about getting your leg over. It will never just be about that. It’s about a journey – a journey with a woman that is going to show you more fun than you could ever imagine. And at the same time, you’ll have plenty to offer the next lucky girl that comes along. When you think about it, everyone is a winner.

June 30, 2014