3 Movies With Unbelievable Scenes About Cougar Relationships

Movies sculpt the way we think about sex, right? We watch movies like Nine and a Half weeks and all women want a guy that’s a little bit nuts and a little bit kinky. That was back in the 80’s. Then you had films like Risky Business… We all went a bit nuts for Tom Cruise in that movie, right ladies?

The 90’s brought with it films like American Pie. The classic cougar relationship – high school graduate with one of his arch enemies’ mother. That’s a classic, right?

It would seem that there are too many films to mention when it comes to sculpting the way we think about sex and to be more specific, the way that we think about cougar dating relationships – the older woman with the younger guy.

In films such as American Pie, it was all seen as a bit cheesy, wasn’t it? Not all cougars are quite like Stifler’s Mom in the movie. Think about the Susan Sarandon film – White Palace. The 40-something waitress with the 27 year old widower that’s a bit middle class… Not quite as cheesy but still pretty cliche when it comes to the older woman – younger guy dating situation.

The three movies with the craziest, most unbelievable scenes about cougar relationships blow these ones out of the water however… Are you ready?

Sunset Boulevard

OK, so it’s an old one but it’s a good one. If you’ve never seen it, you should give it a watch. It’s too fabulous for words – Gloria Swanson plays a vain and delusional older woman called Norma Desmond, and she was dating a much younger guy. Not so much in the way of sex and naughtiness in the movie of course, it’s a pretty old film, but it’s good nevertheless.

The Graduate

This is naughty and to make things ever better, there are stage shows too! Anne Bancroft, played Mrs. Robinson, the seductress that managed to win over the affections of Dustin Hoffman who played Benjamin. This was one of the first films to really throw that whole cougar dating idea out there. There had been some before and some after, but this one really pushed the boat out, and tested a few limits. You could almost thank this movie for making cougar dating the way it is today.

Sex And The City

To be honest, this is possibly the best way to show cougar dating relationships in the worst possible way. But you do see the good bits of it all as well – the good kisses that an older woman can expect to receive from a younger guy. The partying until all hours in the morning and pretending how much of an adult you are meant to be. The drawing of phone numbers on each other’s arms and the butterflies in the stomach when he is about to enter her for the first time. The good thing about Sex And The City is that is shows the rawness of the cougar dating world, and it shows just how like ‘regular’ dating cougar dating really is.

There are some pretty fine examples of movies with unbelievable cougar relationship scenes. How many of them have you seen? Maybe it’s time to check out the latest movie rentals?


Some are naughty, some are fabulous, and some of them are just plain odd. The movie world hasn’t exactly portrayed the life of a cougar dater very well, but these films are good nevertheless, and all teach you something positive about the world of older woman and younger man relationships. The movies with the best and most unbelievable scenes about cougar relationships!

June 30, 2014