5 Myths Uncovered About Bedding A Cougar

There is a common misconception amongst young men – they often think that the older women they have always dreamed of bedding simply won’t be interested in them. What would you say if you knew the reality was something very different?

Bagging yourself a ‘toy boy’ is now one of the things first on the to-do list for many older women or Cougars as they are now more commonly known. This is even more boosted by the fact that many famous celebrity couples are successfully maintaining a cougar-younger man relationship, and have proved it to work in their favour in more ways than one…

It’s time to bust the myths surrounding bedding a cougar. Are you ready to learn more?

1 – Older women are desperate for a confidence-boost.

Are you kidding me? Older women don’t need a confidence boost, especially when it comes to getting them in-between the sheets. Most of these lovely ladies have been around the block a few times, and will have picked up more than their fair share of sneaky tricks designed to both amaze and wow you in the bedroom. She’s going to know ways to get you off that you don’t even realise have been invented yet.

2 – Her maturity will make her boring.

Cougars are anything BUT boring when you get to know them. There are the bores out there, of course; this could be said for any dating scene. Her maturity is one thing that will work in her favour. She’ll know the oldest tricks in the book – how to have fun and get away with it! ;)

Her maturity will have more benefits than negatives. She won;t be inclined to have a hissy fit when you want to go out with the boys on a Friday night rather than spending it with her. She won’t want to cling onto your every move like the younger girls can. Boring, no. Exciting, yes!

3 – She just wants you for your body.

If you think that you can be as thick as two short planks as long as you look the part, you’re very much mistaken. She’s not going to care for your unintelligence in bed, post-coital cigarette or drink in hand. She wants the conversation and the spark. You could have the hottest body in the world but if you can’t entertain her with your witty banter and charm, you’re probably not going to get a look in.

4 – You can tame her.

Again, are you kidding?! There’s nothing tameable about this chick. Her ex-husband tried to tame her… He’s no longer around. Doesn’t that tell you something?

This is a woman that has already done the ‘doing-as-she’s-told’ part of her life and is now looking to let her hair down a bit. She’s going to be more assertive that you’re probably used to, so that will take a bit of compromising with. If you don’t do as she says, you’re going to be in trouble!

5 – There’s no chance for a long-term relationship.

In some cases, older women (cougars) and younger men (toy boys) have lasting and fulfilling relationships that DO lead to marriage, babies and a happy ever after. In the relationship and dating world, anything could happen and you could meet ‘The One’. However, she’s probably already done the happy ever after… She might not be looking for it again.

June 30, 2014