7 Things That Wont Happen In Cougar Dating

Young men chasing older women is something that’s been around for a while, and you only need to take a quick look in the world of Hollywood to see how popular these ‘toy boys’ have become for the older, more mature femme fatale.

Of course, dating an older woman isn’t going to be the same as dating a young woman your own age, and to reinforce the point, you should check out the 7 things that won’t happen in cougar dating:

1 – You won’t be surprised by her stupidity

You know when a girl your own age says something so dumb, you can’t believe it actually just came out of her mouth. That generally won’t happen when you date a cougar, simply because they are more intelligent, have learned to think before they speak, and aren’t interested in impressing you with their ditzy ways and hair-flicking.

The older woman is a much more sensible woman. That’s not to say that she won’t like to have fun, but you’ll be pushed to find ways to ridicule her. She’s not to be taken lightly.

Sexy woman

2 – You won’t be able to ‘pull’ her easily

Cougar women are choosy women. They know that they have the pick of the ripe younger men, and are willing to exploit that fact just as much as the younger men themselves do. Screwing an older woman is a fantasy for many guys at some point in their lives, and there’s a high chance she’s going to pick someone with a bit of intelligence and the ability to have a real conversation over a guy that couldn’t take anything in life seriously if he tried, didn’t give a crap about what he looked like on their first date, and thought that a baseball game was a good choice for a romantic first encounter…

3 – She’s not going to let you ‘let go’

…And she’s not going to let herself go either. Think about the age of these cougar women – most of them have already been married once, and more than likely have kids and even grandkids of their own. There’s a good chance that she will have been through a breakup and some bad dating experiences. She knows the importance of keeping herself looking good, and she won’t stand for it if you don’t look the part too.

4 – She won’t put up with anything less than interesting

If you’re duller than a plate full of plain rice, you’re not going to stand a chance with the cougar. Her ex-husband probably bored the hell out of her and look how he ended up. She wants someone that will entertain her – with good times, lots of laughs, and good conversations. There’s no drunken shouting in each other’s ears in the back of packed nightclubs for this classier lady!

5 – She’s not going to take care of you

She might make more money than you do but that doesn’t mean you can take her for granted. She wont’ pay your rent and she’s not going to want to do your laundry for you. She probably won’t want you to move in with her (at least not right away), and you are going to need to show that you can put as much into the relationship as she can. Don’t expect her to take care of business.

6 – She’s not going to pop up in front of you

…Well, she might but she’s not going to hanker after you. If you see a hot cougar in the grocery store and she’s not wearing a wedding ring, go ask her how her day is and tell her she caught your eye. You’re not going to get anywhere by sitting and waiting so you had better pull some confidence from somewhere.

7 – She’s not going to be your mentor

If you’ve gone for that hot older blonde because she’s a teacher and you’ve always wanted to teach yourself, don’t think that her connections are going to get you what you want. She is not Samantha Jones from Sex And The City (watch it if you’re unsure) and she won’t help you fulfil your dreams. That’s not what she’s there for!

June 30, 2014